Protest Sportswear is celebrating. This 2023 the brand turns 30 years old. Protest Sportswear is a Dutch sportswear brand, created in 1993, for sports enthusiasts on a board. To celebrate this milestone, a big party was organized in the Netherlands, attended by 700 guests.

Protest was founded 30 years ago by a group of Dutch snowboarders. In addition to its winter collection, the brand now has a street, beach, surf and outdoor collection.

Together with all international distributors, customers, stores, suppliers and friends, the brand's 30th anniversary was celebrated with the Grandeur Dinner Show at Studio 21 with a special performance by Kris Kross Amsterdam to close the evening.

Recently, Protest has been working on a new brand video. A video that describes exactly what Protest stands for. In addition, Protest Sportswear is launching the "My Protest Heritage" campaign, which aims to highlight the evolution of Protest and the role the brand has played in everyone's life.

In the coming years, Protest Sportswear will focus even more on innovative and sustainable clothing collections to contribute to the protection of the planet, so that future generations can also continue to enjoy nature and an active lifestyle.
"The anniversary party was a special opportunity to show our appreciation to everyone who has contributed to Protest's success," says CEO Wesley van Wijnbergen.
"A great time to reminisce by showing images from the last 30 years combined with a great show. Wesley also presented checks to two charities, "The Surf Project," which gives children with mental health issues the opportunity to learn to surf, and "Snowboarders of Solidarity," an international organization that helps snowboarders in war zones.
Caroline Dekker, owner of Protest, added: "It's great to look back over the last 30 years of Protest and see how far we have come. Our vision has always been to inspire people to push their limits and their passion for sport and adventure. We would like to thank our customers, suppliers and team members for their trust and loyalty. We look forward to the future of Protest Sportswear with great enthusiasm, with a commitment to designing innovative and sustainable collections that fit our customers' active lifestyles."
Protest is headquartered in the Netherlands. In addition to the design, marketing, ecommerce and sales departments, the 10,000 m2 solar-powered headquarters includes its own logistics center, from which it supplies 3,000 stores and, since recently, also stores in America and Canada.