Megasport is the official distributor of Dynastar in Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Dynastar has more than 50 years of experience in ski manufacturing. Designed for stability and maneuverability, they are the reliable choice for skiers of all levels. A leading brand in the ski industry.

Founded in 1963 in Chamonix, France, Dynastar has become a leading brand in the manufacture of high quality skis and ski equipment. Dynastar's history is closely linked to a passion for skiing and a desire to push the limits. Since its inception, the brand has been dedicated to research and development of innovative technologies to enhance the on-snow experience.

Dynastar's products cover a wide range of ski disciplines, from alpine skiing to ski touring and freeride. The brand manufactures high-performance skis to suit the needs of skiers of different levels and styles, from beginners to professionals.

Dynastar's philosophy is based on excellence and precision. Each ski is manufactured with quality materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance in a variety of snow conditions. Dynastar's designs are characterized by stability, response and maneuverability, providing skiers with an unparalleled skiing experience.

In addition to skis, Dynastar also offers a wide range of ski equipment, including boots, bindings and poles. These products are developed with the same attention to detail and the same pursuit of innovation as the skis, providing skiers with complete and safe equipment.

Dynastar has been the brand of choice for many renowned skiers and has won numerous global awards and accolades in the ski industry. The brand continues to push the boundaries of technology and design to provide skiers around the world with the tools they need to enjoy their passion for skiing to the fullest.