Mergasport is the official distributor of Lange in Spain, Andorra and Portugal. With a focus on performance and precision, Lange manufactures high quality ski boots for skiers of all levels. Their designs provide comfort, personalized fit and optimal power transmission, enhancing the skiing experience on the slopes.

Founded in 1963 in the town of Annecy, in the French Alps, Lange has been a pioneer in the manufacture of high quality ski boots that have set industry standards.

The history of Lange dates back to when engineer Bob Lange revolutionized the ski industry by inventing the first plastic ski boot. This innovation was a breakthrough compared to the leather boots used until then, offering improved fit, comfort and performance on the slopes.

Since then, Lange has continued to push the technology and ergonomics of ski boots. They have developed a wide range of models to meet the needs of skiers of all levels and disciplines, from beginners to professionals.

Lange ski boots feature precise fit and direct power transmission, allowing for greater control and performance in every turn. They use high quality materials and advanced technologies to provide the perfect combination of comfort and performance on the mountain.

Lange offers different ranges of boots, each designed to suit different types of skiers and skiing styles. From high performance race boots to more forgiving and comfortable models for those who enjoy more relaxed skiing.

In addition to ski boots, Lange also manufactures related accessories and equipment, such as custom insoles and boot covers. These add-ons help to further improve the fit and comfort of the boots, giving skiers a more personalized skiing experience.