Megasport is the exclusive distributor of a selection of complementary leading brands that meet the demands of sports and fashion enthusiasts.


Rossignol is a leading brand in winter sports. Since 1907, Rossignol has been synonymous with quality and performance in skiing and snowboarding. With innovative products and a legacy of excellence, Rossignol stands out as the preferred choice of elite athletes and winter sports enthusiasts around the world.


Haglöfs is a renowned Swedish brand that has become synonymous with quality, functionality and sustainability in the world of outdoor gear and clothing. Founded in 1914 by Wiktor Haglöf, who, inspired by his surroundings and his love of nature, began making backpacks by hand in his small workshop in Torsång, Sweden.


Black Diamond is an American brand born out of a passion for climbing. Founded in 1989 in a garage in Utah, it has become a leading brand in climbing and outdoor gear. From harnesses and helmets to crampons and flashlights, Black Diamond offers innovative and quality products for your mountain adventures.


Protest is a sports clothing and accessories brand that has revolutionized the industry with its unique style and rebellious spirit. Founded in the Netherlands in 1993 by a group of snowboard enthusiasts, Protest was born with the idea of creating technical and fashionable garments for board lovers: in winter a complete collection of snowboard clothing, and in summer, surf.


Goldbergh is the favorite luxury brand for women skiers. This brand fuses the main fashion trends with skiing like never before. Goldbergh offers a range of snowwear that perfectly combines style, luxury and elegance for your ski or après-ski days. From jackets, pants and overalls to the best accessories, with Goldbergh you will conquer the snow in style.


Peak Performance is a leading brand in high-end sportswear. Founded in Sweden, this brand combines functionality and cutting-edge design to create garments that allow you to reach your peak performance without compromising style. From jackets and pants to thermal clothing and accessories, Peak Performance accompanies you on your sporting adventures with impeccable quality and style.


Spyder is a globally recognized brand of technical ski apparel. With a history dating back to 1978, Spyder has been at the forefront of sportswear innovation. From its introduction of the first padded ski suit to the present day, Spyder has continued to create high quality products that combine functionality and design. With exceptional performance, Spyder is a benchmark brand in the world of skiing.


Briko integrates innovation and style in its specialized sports equipment for skiing and cycling. The Italian brand has been a benchmark in the sports industry since 1985. With a combination of unique advanced technology and Italian design, it offers high quality eyewear, goggles, helmets, gloves and sportswear for cycling, skiing and other outdoor sports.


Lowa has been manufacturing high-quality footwear in Bavaria, Germany, since 1923. With a focus on craftsmanship and innovation, Lowa offers a wide range of boots and footwear for mountaineering, trekking or outdoor activities. Lowa stands out for the quality of its finishes and the excellence of all its products "Made in Europe".


Dynastar has been a leader in innovation and quality in the ski world. Since its founding in 1963 in Chamonix, France, Dynastar has been at the forefront of alpine and all-mountain ski manufacturing. Their products combine years of experience with exceptional design and unmatched performance on snow. Discover Dynastar's passion and excellence, elevating your skiing experience to new heights.


Lange has established a legacy of quality and excellence in its ski boots. Since its founding in 1963 in France, its boots have been used by elite skiers in the best international competitions. Lange continues to innovate with the most advanced technologies such as the Dual Core fit system, which provides excellent power transmission and exceptional control. Experience superior performance and comfort with Lange ski boots.


UYN is a leading brand in technical apparel for high-impact sports. With a unique combination of Italian technology and design, UYN garments are designed to optimize athletic performance and deliver exceptional comfort. From thermal underwear to socks and t-shirts, UYN raises the standard for functionality and style in the world of sport.


Lolë is a brand that combines fashion and wellness in high quality garments. Its contemporary and versatile designs are perfect for both the gym and everyday wear. From sportswear to streetwear, Lolë strives to promote an active and balanced lifestyle, allowing you to look and feel great in all your activities.


Cougar is a recognized brand in the footwear industry, with over 70 years of experience. Their products offer a perfect combination of durability and style, designed to withstand the cold Canadian winter and keep your feet comfortable and dry. Whether for your outdoor adventures or everyday wear, Cougar footwear is a guarantee of excellence.


Giro offers a wide range of helmets, goggles and accessories designed specifically for skiing. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Giro's ski collection combines cutting-edge technology with stylish and functional designs, offering unparalleled protection and comfort both on and off the slopes. From helmets with adjustable ventilation to goggles with high-end lenses, Giro allows you to enjoy a safe and hassle-free skiing experience. 


Inov8 has earned a strong reputation in the sports industry for its commitment to innovation and performance. Founded in 2003 by trail running enthusiasts, this British brand specializes in mountain footwear and technical outdoor apparel. Inov8 offers lightweight, durable and high-performance products that enable athletes to push their limits in complex terrain.


Dometic is a leading brand in mobile lifestyle products, Dometic offers high quality refrigeration, air conditioning, cooking and storage systems. Dometic makes travel more enjoyable and comfortable, wherever you are. From RV trips to boating adventures, Dometic ensures a comfortable and satisfying experience, backed by a commitment to innovation and quality since 1968.